How It's Made

Perhaps this is the first time you've picked up The Boyertown Bulletin. Perhaps you’re one of our many readers who collect them. At either end of the spectrum, or maybe somewhere in between, a thought may have crossed your mind: “Just how is this thing made?”

04.2013 | Megan Carpenter | Columnist

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Seniors Are Enjoyably Busy at Keystone Villa

Retirement communities are no longer the “rest home”-type places they used to be. In recent years, they have become hubs of activity for seniors. One such community in Berks County is Keystone Villa. With facilities in Douglassville, built in 2005, and Fleetwood, built in 2010, they offer a great variety of popular amenities.

04.2013 | Lindsay Dierolf | Columnist

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Check out Manderach Memorial Playground

Although we have had a fairly mild winter, it feels as if it is lasting forever. My family is very excited for the spring weather and even more anxious to get outside and play. There are many places to visit and explore around our area and now is a great time to get out there!

04.2013 | Stephanie Graber | Columnist

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Seeds from Sassamansville

Well, we made it... spring has officially arrived! The cold, windy days with that dreaded word “wind chill” are a thing of the past. Now, the days are softer, warmer, and longer, inviting us to enjoy the fresh air and freedom of being outdoors.

04.2013 | Linda M. Boyer | Columnist

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Friehyaahrsgranket (Spring fever)

As the days gradually warm up, we all suffer from Friehyaahrsgranket (spring fever, literally spring sickness). Abril iss der Munet as es Wedder aafange sett wennich friehyaahrich warre. April is the month when the weather should begin to be a little spring-like.

04.2013 | N. Daniel Schwalm - TPGS, President

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Night Sky Notebook - April 2013

See a monthly list of events and shows at:

04.2013 | Peter Detterline

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Calling All Ghosts!

Are you a ghost? Have you met a local ghost recently? Are you related to a one? Have friends or relatives who are ghosts? Maybe you’re married to one. Have you heard stories about a local ghost?

04.2013 | The Boyertown Area Historical Society

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Local Girl Scouts Are Prepared for NewMembers

The Girl Scouts’ Boyertown Service Unit is announcing the following openings for Daisy & Brownie Girl Scouts:
● Daisy Girl Scouts are girls in Kindergarten and 1st grade.
● Brownie Girl Scouts are girls in 2ND and 3rd grade.

04.2013 | Luann Zambanini | Columnist

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