Wilcox Farm's Corn Mazes Great Fun for Entire Family

Are you looking for an exciting way to entertain the kids, or maybe a whole group of kids?  The Wilcox Farms corn mazes might just be the answer to your quest. There are two mazes set up this year...

10.2012 | Lindsay Dierolf | Columnist

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Fall Excitement in the Air

The air is turning brisk and the leaves are starting to fall.  We are finally breaking out of humid days of summer.  What better way to celebrate this beautiful change of season, than by bringing your family to the 5TH annual Turning Leaf Fall Festival at Boyertown Community Park? 

10.2012 | Stephanie graber | Columnist

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Coming This Year at Oley Valley Community Fair

Are you looking for some good ol’ Dutch fun?  Well, head on down to the 66TH annual Oley Valley Community Fair!  The fair is located in Oley at 26 Jefferson Street.  Thursday, September 20th, through Saturday, September 22nd are the dates when the fair is happening this year.  On Thursday and Friday, hours are from 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM.

09.2012 | Ashley Parish | Columnist

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Yip and Dip Doggie Swim

This month summer is coming to an end, but there is still so much to see and do around our community!  If you have a chance to make it out to the Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles before Labor Day, they are offering free admission for Active duty military personnel and their families! 

09.2012| Stephanie Graber | Columnist

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High Schoolers Develop Skills at Berks Career & Technology Center

Most teens, once they hit high school, start thinking about the career path they will be taking. Students at Boyertown and Oley Valley have the option of attending the Berks Career and Technology Center (BCTC) to learn a trade or skill.

08.2012 | Ashley Parish | Columnist

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Boyertown Community Park Swimming Pool Dances

Lots of fun events are held at Boyertown Community Park, like Fun Days, Earth Day, Fall Festival, Movies in the Park, and Pool Dances.  Each event is organized by volunteers who care about the community.

07.2012 | Ashley Parish | Columnist

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This Year's Fun Day Features

School is coming to an end and summer is starting again. A great way to end the school year is with some fun. One way to do that is at Fun Days at the Boyertown Community Park which starts Thursday, May 31ST and ends Saturday, June 2nd. 

05.2012 | Ashley Parish | Columnist

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Activities for Teens: May 2012

Are you a teen looking for something new and exciting to do on a Saturday night? Looking for some action and fun? Well I have just the answer for you. Every second Saturday of the month, World Wide Wrestling Alliance (WWWA) holds a match at Zern’s Farmers Market, in Gilbertsville. 

05.2012 | Ashley Parish | Columnist

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Activities for Teens: April 2012

The Hard Bean Café is a social hot-spot that is popular with us teens, as well as any age group! This great place is open every day of the week with lots of things happening there!

04.2012 | Katarina Zambanini | Columnist

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Boyertown Jaycees' 60th Annual Halloween Parade

It’s getting to be that time of year again, when the scary masks and costumes come out for the year of 2012.  People spending all year planning the best Halloween, what they are going to dress up as, what carving they will put on their pumpkin, and how much candy they will get.

10.2012 | Ashley Parish | Columnist

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