Seeds from Sassamansville

Posted: April, 2013 | By: Linda M. Boyer

Well, we made it... spring has officially arrived! The cold, windy days with that dreaded word “wind chill” are a thing of the past. Now, the days are softer, warmer, and longer, inviting us to enjoy the fresh air and freedom of being outdoors. Most gardeners have been planning, sowing seeds, and getting our boots muddy for weeks now. I’ve got tomatoes on my mind. My mouth waters just thinking of a delicious juicy garden tomato. Choosing what tomatoes to grow is always fun. First and foremost are the standard Beefsteak, Big Boy, Early Girl, Roma, and Cherry. Pick a disease resistant variety. Plant them 12” – 18”apart, mulch, stake, and water your plants every few days at the root area only.

You can expect tomatoes on the vine in about 70 days for the early varieties and about 80 days for other varieties. Be sure to grow the types of tomatoes that suit your needs. Choose hearty, beefy ones for sandwiches. Choose Italian or pear-shaped varieties with fewer seeds for sauces, canning, and juicing. Choose smaller cherry tomatoes for salads and snacking. Now comes the fun part, of choosing the seemingly endless unusual types such as heirloom, low acid, yellow, purple, cascading and patio tomatoes. The list goes on and on. My seed books entice me to buy varieties with names like Tumbling Tom, Sweet N’ Neat, and Tumbling Tiger, a striped tomato. A striped tomato! I have got to have those, and who can resist a tomato with a name like Tumbling Tiger?