Suloman’s Dairy Working into Third & Fourth Generations

Posted: June, 2013 | Megan Carpenter

Small businesses are a vital piece of the American economy. Unfortunately, like many companies over the past few years, some small businesses have been hit hard by the twists and turns of the economy. However, many consider Boyertown to be a place that treasures its small businesses. We are fortunate to have quite a few in the area, including the gem of a farm and store: Suloman’s Dairy.

Run by Larry and Darlene Suloman, the farm houses 65 to 75 cows. They process their own milk, and sell it across the street at their store, on Leidy Road in Gilbertsville.

Suloman’s Dairy was started by Larry Suloman’s grandparents about 90 years ago. Passed down through his parents, Joseph & Ethel (who still live at the farm), to Larry & Darlene, the tradition of milk processing continued and the store opened in 1971. Today, the store also sells Nelson’s Ice Cream.

It is still a family business with Larry Suloman continuing the work that he began as a teenager, processing milk. The practice is completed twice a week, and is a 14 hour day to get the job done. Larry works hard to separate, homogenize, and pasteurize the milk to meet community demands.

The Sulomans are proud to call their milk a “natural” product. They do not inject their cows with any hormones. Between that and being one of the few farms left to still process their own milk, their product is incredibly fresh, and Darlene reveals that their milk will keep for two to three weeks under the right conditions. Darlene also says, “It’s a big difference in the taste.”

While the Sulomans’ farm is, by definition, a dairy farm, they are also the home to many other animals including dogs, cats, ducks, and horses. Darlene explains that running the farm and the store is very much a full time job, so she and Larry find enjoyment in taking care of their horses. In fact, they breed thoroughbreds. For the Sulomans, this is a hobby and even a second business.

Larry has three sons, one of whom, Steve, especially enjoys working in the fields on the farm. Larry and Darlene have a daughter, Hannah, who works at the store.

“It’s a lot of work,” explains Darlene. “You have to love it to put so much into it.”

It’s clearly evident that Larry and Darlene work tirelessly to create a great product. As difficult as it can be, they like where they do it. Darlene says, “This area is kind to its small businesses.”

So, the next time that you’re looking for a gallon of fresh milk, a creamy banana split, or a place to sit and watch the cows graze, remember to stop in Suloman’s Dairy.