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As we begin to wrap up the 7TH edition of The Boyertown Bulletin, and look back on the first 6 months, we, ourselves, feel humbled by what you, our readers and advertisers, have allowed us to accomplish.  The feedback that we have received has been overwhelmingly positive—more so than we ever thought possible.  We very much hope that you continue to enjoy what you read.  Every person involved with The Boyertown Bulletin is involved in it because of their love of this area.  We all have a desire for each other’s mutual successes.
Producing The Boyertown Bulletin, even though it is only published once a month, requires a whole team of people.  We have our account executives, a battery of writers, a graphic artist, and a layout editor, who also handles delivery, & who has done a pile of other things.  Producing the quality product that you desire takes a great deal of careful planning and coordination, and this large team of people pulls it off every single month.  We have certainly not been without our struggles.  We have made mistakes here and there, but we stand by our product and accept nothing less than perfection.  When mistakes inevitably do occur, we look for a way that we can immediately make them better.  We run a straightforward business operation that is as simple as we can possibly make it.  This prevents hassles, providing nothing but the best in quality for both the customers and readers, at the most economical price possible.
Something that we love to emphasize with The Boyertown Bulletin is that we are the epitome of local.  Our facilities are ENTIRELY located inside of our coverage area of the Boyertown Area and Oley Valley school districts.  We are fortunate to have all local people involved in this.  We know this area, we know our culture, and we know our history.  We are not a national company with headquarters in another state.  We do not outsource our labor to another country.  We are all right here—your friends, neighbors, and relatives.  One of our biggest concerns, starting out, was whether we’d be accepted.  Because of all of these aspects, you, our readers and advertisers, have accepted us like we’ve never thought possible.
Going into the future, we have some things that we would like to ask of you, our readers, in particular.  We patronize local businesses as much as we can.  We wish to ask the same of you; if you like what you read, patronize our advertisers.  Go to these local businesses and see what they have to offer—try out some new ones that you’ve never been to before.  Sure, going to a business for the first time might be awkward, but view it as an ADVENTURE.  You may enjoy the anonymity of going to big box stores, and there’s nothing wrong with going to them, but when you need something special, you’re having a hard day, or just want to pick-up your every day item, these local businesses, churches, and service organizations are institutions that you can feel safe counting on.  When you need nothing but the highest quality of service, you can depend on them.
Last, shifting to a personal level, I wish to thank each and every person who is reading this—yes, YOU, haha.  This is simply an amazing accomplishment of which I can only take credit for a small piece.  I don’t want credit.  Every month, I have a whole bunch of folks asking me why my name doesn’t appear anywhere in this.  This isn’t about me.  It’s about you, your family, your friends, and your neighbors.  It’s about the labor you do, the faith that you keep, and the culture that you embrace.  Each of us needs to be the best that we can be.  Our time here, on this good Earth, is limited, and life isn’t worth being miserable or hiding from everyone you encounter.  We are all equally human—not one of us is above any other, in spite of what that one other may think.  We all live close to one another—by nature of that, we should all strive to grow together, for we are only as strong as our weakest link.  The line between our school districts may divide us, but we are all of the same families sharing the same, overall heritage.  Some of you may say, “But I moved here from another state and don’t even have a single other family member in the Commonwealth.”  You’re living here, with us, now.  You’re starting or have started an all new life.  Should you choose to accept it, no matter who you are, I can guarantee you that this is an AMAZING place to be.  Take some time, explore it, and learn about it; you’ll never believe what you find out.
As I type my name on the following lines, I begrudgingly give up my anonymity, at least for this edition.  I wish to express my personal gratitude to all of you for giving up your time to read this.  It’s impossible to forget that we are all on tough times now.  Let’s work hard and get through them together.  Remember that we have an election coming up in November.  I ask everyone who is eligible to do your civic duty and make an informed vote.

Eric J. Eidle, EIT
The Boyertown Company, Incorporated

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